The Strategy Game


Our Flagship Game, The Strategy Game, offers a full-emersion experience into the world of strategic decision-making. Designed to train better business leaders of all kinds at any skill level, The Strategy Game  is a comprehensive, scalable management training solution.


Key Features

Adaptable to any learning context

Cloud-based portal suited for online, in-class, or blended learning, for academic or corporate training.

Flexible timetabling & delivery

Play in as little as 14-hours or over the course of an entire semester – It’s up to you.

Scripted in-game events

Create custom events that highlight specific concepts or learning goals

Single or Multi-Player Teams

Featuring responsive, dynamic modeling & game play

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Get single-player access to The Strategy Game, including video-based tours & tutorials.


Placed at the helm of a fictional company, players must navigate the complexities of a dynamic, competitive landscape. Each company must set, and adhere to, its own corporate strategy and preferences as it moves through each round and submits decisions relating to core business functions. 

Company Basics

Consumer Electronics Industry, Small-Size (<$5mil annual revenue)

Company History

Four-Year Operating History, Including all Financials


Laptops, Tablets, & Interactive Whiteboards

4 Key Scoring Criteria

Sales Revenue, Cumulative net profit, Net Working Capital, Share Price

How The Strategy Game is played, processed, and scored:

8-12 Decision Rounds per Game

Typically conducted over a series of 8-12 rounds; Each game round simulates 1 month of business operations

20 Key Decisions per Round

Across 5 major business functions: Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, & Competitive Strategy

Automatic In-Game Assessment

Recieve key reports at the end of each decision cycle as well as cumulative end-game reports

How to make The Strategy Game Your Own:

Custom News Items

Script your own in-game events, like shocks and labor disputes to highlight specific learning material or topics

Flexible Delivery

The Strategy Game can be delivered online, in-class, or in a blended learning environment, in as little as 14 hours or over the course of an entire semester

Personalized Learning

Students create, name, and strategize for their own company, all of which is reflected on the gaming portal and final reports

Adaptable to virtually any learning context, The Strategy Game can be customized to your specific skill level, delivery format, and teaching content. Nonetheless, some of the most common adaptations include: 

Academic Learning

  • Principles of Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • “Doing Business in” Courses
  • Program Capstone Modules

Corporate Training

  • Talent Development
  • Talent Identification
  • Team Building
  • Workshops
  • Online, asynchronous learning
  • Agile & Strategic Management Training
  • Data Fluency and Governance Training