Program Integrations

for administrators & program directors

For institutional clients, our program level integrations are a cost-effective route to implementing simulation-based training on a program-wide basis. We’ll work with program leaders to determine how and where our platform can be integrated with your program’s curriculum and learning goals, and train your instructors and administrators to use our platform on their own with ongoing dedicated technical support.

Program-Wide Solutions

Make our simulation platform your own – to use where and when you see fit throughout your learners’ journey through your program

  • Platform administration training
  • LMS integrations
  • Platform and portal personalization to your institution
  • Ongoing instructor support and services
  • Curriculum integration coaching
  • Scalable licensing and per-student pricing

How It Works

Instructional Design

Instructional Design

Training Needs Analysis & Simulation Integration Proposal



LMS integration, instructor and staff platform training



Ongoing technical support, learning outcome assessment, and curriculum and instructional design

Course Delivery Options

You decide the level of instructional support your program needs


 We teach alongside your instructors and help incorporate our platform into your courses


We  train your instructors to administer our platform on their own


Whether online or in-person, we’ll design and instruct a simulation-based course for you. Learn more

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Ask About Our Instructor-Led Training

Our Platform, Our Instructors

We also offer our simulation-based training solutions delivered by one of our team of expert instructors. Click below to learn more.