Our Platform

Management Education Powered by Best-of-Breed Training Technology

We deliver a cloud-based, mobile-friendly, simulation-based training experience that is dynamically adjustable in both content and structure. This means that our platform can be easily adapted to different learning environments, skill levels, and experience.

  • Worldclass UX/UI Design
  • Cloud-Based & Mobile-Friendly
  • Customizable News Items
  • Customizable Crises
  • In-Game Analytics & Feedback
  • Customizable Course Content
  • HFX LMS option
  • Student Direct Pay Option

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We take a minimalist approach to the design of our user interface, reducing overwhelm for students and teachers alike.

Our modelling engine reflects the complexities of decision making in a multi-competitor and dynamically shifting environment, exposing learners to the challenge of guiding a company through changing macro trends, random crises and emerging opportunities.

Our platform is scalable to every training need, and can be used to administer simulations for individuals, individual classes, multi-class cohorts, multi-cohort programs and multi-program schools.

While we integrate our simulation platform into our own proprietary Learning Management System, we can also quickly and seamlessly integrate our platform and instructional materials into your preferred LMS platforms, including for example, Canvas, Moodle and Blackboard.

Our platform – with it’s customizable content and dynamically adjustable complexity – can fit almost any training need. However, we have delivered a number of ‘new build’ games to clients over the years. Contact us to learn more.

Our Philosophy

More about why we do what we do, the way we do

With over 40 years of experience in designing and delivering simulation-based training to the corporate and academic markets, we have a very strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Our three core values are simplicity, adaptability and support.

Simplicity: When simulation designers and trainers try to replicate the real world to the smallest detail, learners can get overwhelmed, and the core goals of business simulation-based training get drowned-out in a sea of minutiae. As such, we focus on creating a clean, easy-to-navigate user interface, just the right about of supplementary assignments and quizzes, and a streamlined number of decision points, ensuring that both learners and instructors have an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience.

Adaptability: We focus on customizable, dynamic simulations that model the unstable and contingent nature of a competitive commerical environment. Not only does this make our simulation-based training realistic, it also means that it can be adapted to any training context and learner experience level. Whether online or classroom based, corporate or academic, our platform can be adapted to suit your needs.

Support: Gone are the pain points of adopting a new simulation-based training tool. Whether instructor or administrator, our integrated instructor support services make implementing simulation-based training easy.