Instructor Support

Business simulations are amazing teaching tools. But there is a learning curve when adopting a new simulation, even for instructors with previous experience in the approach. To help, HFX offers instructors and their students a tiered training and support model. Whatever your previous experience of using simulations, we have the right package for you.

Improve Learning Outcomes & Engagement

Stay Ahead of the EduTech Curve

Enhance Overall Teaching Experience

Find the right level of support for you

Complete Game and Course Administration

    • As part of our Standard packages, you and your students will have access to a complete course with full technical support, including the set-up and round processing of the underlying simulation game. 
    • This support package is ideal for instructors with extensive experience of using simulations in the classroom, and the confidence to learn and teach our simulations quickly.

Tailored Course Customizations

    • As part of our Plus packages, instructors access our customization services. At this tier, we can tailor new instructional content for your specific needs, as well as offer course compliance monitoring via peer reviews and quizzes. Also, for those games with customizable parameters and scripts, we can help you adapt these to better target your learners.  Students benefit by having access to our curriculum help desk. 
    • This support package is ideal for instructors with some experience with simulations who have specific pedagogical content that they want ‘baked-in’ to our solutions.

Full Instructor Assistant Services

  • As part of our Premium packages, we offer unlimited coaching calls to the instructor. Students benefit with our end-of-game feedback support, helping them extract maximum learning value from their experience, as well as additional instructional content. 
  • This support package is ideal for instructors new to simulations looking for a ‘white glove’ service for them and their students.

Instructor Training

Our Instructor Training Certificate (ITC) programs are designed to give instructors the tools to confidently teach and administer our simulations. 

ITC Level 1:
  • Puts you in the shoes of a student, where you work through the relevant course and game with coaching and feedback from the HFX Team. An ITC Level 1 license is a prerequisite to instruct the Plus packages.
ITC Level 2:
  • You get the opportunity to set up and run a game, with the HFX Team playing the role of student. An ITC Level 2 licence is a prerequisite to instruct the  Standard packages.

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