Infographic: 2020 L&D Trends

We are one month into a new year – indeed, a new decade – and there has been no shortage of predictions about what trends to expect for corporate training and learning and development (L&D) in 2020. Here at HFX, we’ve put together our own list of what we expect to see in L&D strategy moving forward. Dive in & Share!

What trends to expect this year in the world of learning & development


In a world of “TL-DR” (“Too Long, Didn’t Read”), learning content that can be consumed in short bursts of 5-7 minutes will be a big part of keeping learners engaged and coming back for more.

More Gamification

Fun, competitive, engaging, and proven to be more effective than other teaching tools: Gamification isn’t going anywhere, and new technologies like Immersive & AI will only add to business games’ popularity.

Social Learning

Expect to see more L&D teams investing in supporting and formalizing social learning environments, which fosters the kind of on-demand, continuous sharing of knowledge that happens organically in social networks.

Analytics-Supported Training

Employing analytics to track learning behaviors, outcomes and ROI, especially with technology-based training content and tools, will continue to become a non-negotiable element of L&D strategy.

Adaptive Learning

As personalized learning remains crucial for L&D success, look for even more emphasis on adaptive learner interfaces that can intelligently adjust instructional content based on learner interests and capabilities.

Video-Based Content

Video will continue to be a central content delivery tool, especially for those looking to Increase learner engagement: Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read documents, emails, or web articles.


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