Business Acumen Training for Healthcare Executives: Survey and Free Pilot Program!


Are you a hospital or health system executive:

  • Looking to enhance your team’s ability to adapt to health care crises and economic and competitive pressures?
  • With clinicians needing to develop their business acumen as they transition to administrative roles?
  • Looking to improve cross-functional and interdepartmental cooperation between administrators from different departments?
  • Seeking executive training solutions that are flexible, engaging and impactful?


If so, then read on…


For the first time, HFX is offering its unique simulation-based executive training directly to the healthcare industry. Based on our tried and tested hospital management simulation, Healthcare Hero (already used to great effect on leading academic healthcare management programs), our training is designed to improve your executives’: 

  • Business acumen
  • Decision-making skills in the face of healthcare and economic crises
  • Ability to cooperate and collaborate with different departments
  • All in a risk-free and learner-friendly environment

To help us refine our approach to delivering training programs directly to the healthcare industry, we are offering a limited number of free pilot programs to the US hospitals or health systems that we assess will benefit the most from it.

To learn more about eligibility for the program, read on…

Who is it for:

In our conversations to date with the c-suite of hospitals and healthcare systems, we have learned that some common executive training pain-points include:

  • Developing business acumen in clinicians that have moved (or expect to move) to administrative roles 
  • Developing cross-functional understanding and cooperation between administrators from different departments
  • Improving executives’ strategic decision-making capabilities in the face of healthcare crises and economic and competitive pressures

We are looking for a US hospital or healthcare system that:

  • Identifies with these pain points
  • Has at least twenty executives that will both benefit from this type of training and have the time to participate
  • Sees a likely need to for ongoing training of this kind

What to expect:

The training, based on our Healthcare Hero simulation, puts your learners at the helm of one of multiple, competing fictional hospitals. Over eight to twelve rounds – with each round representing a quarter of business operations – participants must make strategic decisions about how to best serve patients whilst managing hospital staffing, capacity, quality and financing requirements, in the face of an uncertain environment. The aim of the simulation is to outperform the competing hospitals managed by other participants in the simulation, whilst navigating healthcare and economic crises and satisfying the needs of multiple stakeholders.

The training will start with an introductory session, where your learners will meet the instructor, form teams, and submit decisions in the first of three practice rounds. The simulation will then be ‘zeroed’, and the simulation will then start in earnest!

At the conclusion of the simulation, the winning team will be revealed, and the participating learners and their teams will deliver presentations on their key takeaways, assessing:

  • Where they did poorly
  • Where they did well 
  • Who was their strongest competitor, and why
  • How they would change their approach if they went through the simulation again
  • How they can apply what they learned from the training program to their current roles

With the training delivery being centered on simulation ‘rounds’, the timetable of the training can be adapted to suit the timetable and availability of your executives. Typically our simulation-based training programs are delivered either via:

  • An intensive 1-3 day workshop
  • An extensive program delivered over weeks or months, starting and closing with live sessions, and running one to three rounds of the simulation per week.
  • Some blend of the above.

How to Apply

To apply for the pilot program, simply complete the short survey below. The survey and application process will close on December 31st, 2022. We will deliver the pilot program at dates to be agreed with the winner of the application process in early 2023.

As we are looking for the hospital or healthcare system that will most benefit from this type of training, please take time to complete the descriptions of the training challenges that you face, as this will form the basis of our decision in whom to award the pilot.

Your data will be confidential, but we will also use this survey to create an anonymized map and report of healthcare executive training needs in the US, to which all survey responders / applicants will have access.

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