Video: A corporate learning environment transformed


Video: A corporate training environment transformed

Learn how Essilor Brazil, a recent HFX Training client, used our business simulation software to radically improve trainee experience and training outcomes.

The Corporate Training Challenge

Corporate training workshops – not exactly a phrase that inspires excitement or joy for most of us. Almost everyone we speak to has “lived to tell” their experience with the familiar, chalk & talk training workshop. The truth is that this approach to training can be largely ineffective, either failing to engage learners or, at their worst, alienating learners from the subject matter altogether. The typical lecture-based format can make theoretical training concepts feel too abstract, and learners can’t always make a direct link with their day-to-day duties and challenges.

But not only are they ineffective – they’re also costly. Depending on company size, bringing teams and divisions together in one room can get expensive, and quick. When we take into account labor hours lost, even in the case of smaller companies, this traditional training format has significant indirect costs that also decrease its overall value.

The Simulation Alternative

Business simulation games provide a cost-effective, engaging alternative. Simulations can be played face-to-face or remotely, for small classes or for large-scale corporate programs, according to the preferred duration and learning outcomes of the company – all available with support materials and an online platform accessible 24 hours a day. Perhaps most importantly, business simulations have the effect of fostering team-based strategic decision-making by placing players in the shoes of the board of directors, and giving them the power (and responsibility!) of making bold, strategic decisions with real-feel consequences.

Now more than ever, companies need to invest in high quality, engaging training software that appeals to today’s learners:  the degree of personal and career development employees feel they receive is now a major determinant for how long they will remain with a companyWith the right tools, your corporate training program can transform into a strategic tool for attracting and retaining the best talent. It’s for these reasons that we’re so passionate about the benefits of business simulation games when used as a learning tool for corporate training and learning & development.