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Whatever the role, effective decision-making in a dynamic and competitive environment is a challenge for even the most seasoned executive. Our simulation-based training equips practitioners with real-world skills that have a real-world impact.

Whether you are a corporate trainer, HR director, or L&D consultancy, our customizable, browser-based platform and integrated instructor support services are designed for you and can be adapted to any training context, including:

  • Talent Development
  • Talent Identification
  • Team Building
  • Workshops
  • Online, asynchronous learning
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Learn how Essilor Brazil, a recent HFX Training client, used our business simulation software to radically improve trainee experience and training outcomes.

“Without a doubt – and I have worked here for 5 years – this is the best training I have ever done. Those teams that really threw themselves into the game and took it seriously, had a really enriching experience.”
Monica | Essilor Brazil

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