Training that impacts what matters most:

Your people & your bottom line

Whatever the role or industry, effective decision-making in a dynamic and competitive environment is a challenge for even the most seasoned executive.  Our business simulation-based training helps your executives become more competent, confident decision-makers.

Foster better decision-making

Enhance Learner Engagement

Improve ROI on Training Initatives

Stay Ahead of the Online Learning Curve

Find the right solution for you

We offer simulation-based training solutions designed for:

  • Team Building

  • Talent Development

  • Talent Identification

  • SalesForce Training

  • Sales Management Training

Our solutions are designed to drive learning outcomes across all industries, but we have particular experience in:

  • Manufacturing

  • Professional Services

  • Pharma & Healthcare

Quickly and easily adapt and implement rigorous, learner-focused training solutions for your L&D program.

  • 1 Solutions tailored to your exact needs

    From live workshops to online, autonomous, learning-driven training, we have the solution for all of your simulation needs.

  • 2 Supporting digital curricula & courseware

    Our simulations come with complete digital courseware - from instructional videos, through to case studies and supporting materials - to support your learning goals.

  • 3 Fully supported online / distance learning

    For your distributed workforce, we offer an economic way to roll-out large-scale training solutions via our cloud-based delivery platform.

  • 4 LMS Integration support

    If you have your own, we can integrate our solutions into your LMS if required.

Watch Now.

Learn how Essilor Brazil, a recent HFX Training client, used our business simulation software to radically improve trainee experience and training outcomes.

“Without a doubt – and I have worked here for 5 years – this is the best training I have ever done. Those teams that really threw themselves into the game and took it seriously, had a really enriching experience.”
Monica | Essilor Brazil


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