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When it comes to making better businesses and better business leaders, we believe in one simple concept: the power of practice. We offer simulation-based learning solutions that can be adapted to your unique learning goals and empower learners with real world skills that have a real world impact.


With over 40 years’ experience designing and implementing training solutions, we know what works – in the classroom and the boardroom. We curate, design, and deliver customized simulation-based training for schools, universities, and businesses around the world.

Why Simulation-Based Learning?

Team Building

Enable team-based learning, preparing learners for the kind of collaborative project management practitioners face every day

Personalized Learning

Capitalize on simulation software’s ability to personalize the learning experience

Real-Time Feedback

Create real-time feedback loops and performance indicators that help reinforce learning material and theoretical concepts

Skills Focus

Boost business acumen by giving learners the opportunity to acquire, test, and refine real-world management skills across a variety of disciplines

Learner Engagement

Benefit from a gamified, competitive environment that is fun and engaging for learners

Enhanced Learning Outcomes

Improve learning outcomes by instilling real-world skills that have a real-world impact

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