HFX Partners

Affiliate Partners

We partner with specialist consultancy firms to help them deliver world-class simulation-based training solutions to their clients. As an HFX Affiliate, you will:

  • Grow your portfolio of training solutions
  • Work with a trusted specialist in simulation-based training
  • Improve your competitive position

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How it Works

When you become an affiliate partner, you’ll receive:

  • 1 Access to our portfolio of business simulation games

    As a distributor dedicated to supporting simulation software providers, we offer you a one-stop solution for all of your simulation software needs.

  • 2 Access to supporting digital curricula & courseware

    We work with our software providers to create digital courseware optimized for your specific learners.

  • 3 Instructor Training & Certification

    We provide multi-level instructor training courses that certify you to deliver our software at wholesale prices.

Customizable Simulation-based Learning

Author Partners

We partner with business simulation and management training courseware developers to help them take their solutions to a broader market.

As an HFX Author Partner, we will help you:

  • 1 Gain insight into your target market

    With our experience as a distributor, we can quickly identify profitable markets and segments for your product.

  • 2 Optimize your product positioning

    Our knowledge of the market helps you, in turn, optimize your product strategies.

  • 3 Boost revenue

    Our commercial focus helps you quickly increase your user-base in both the academic and corporate training markets.

  • 4 Access new markets

    Our marketing breadth helps you access otherwise difficult to reach geographies and segments.

How it Works

When you become an author partner, you’ll receive:

  • 1 Marketing & Sales Management

    From lead gen and close, to service delivery and customer support, we’ve got it covered.

  • 2 Digital Publishing

    We design supporting courseware & curricula and deliver your solution through our LMS platform.

  • 1 Digital Marketing

    Listed on our websites, we support your products with systematic SEO and content initiatives.

  • 2 Market Research

    We provide you with regular market & customer feedback reports to help guide your product development initiatives.

  • 3 Product Testing

    We help you with pre and post-release product testing and refinement.

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