HFX's Instructor Training Program for Academics

Healthcare Hero

Healthcare Hero puts the learner on a deep dive into the challenges of hospital administration. Developed for one of the world’s leading hospital networks, the game is ideal for specialist healthcare management programs, or executive training for healthcare providers.

  • Hospital Capacity Management
  • Managing Relationships with Insurers
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Navigating Quality / Cost trade-off

The ESG Game

The ESG Game is a total enterprise game that puts the learner through the rigors of strategic, managerial decision-making in the context of sustainability and environmental risk management. In a world ever more conscious and cautious about the environmental impact of business policy and the triple-bottom-line, Strategic Eco-Manager makes an ideal strategy capstone for the prepared learner.

  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • Competitive Strategy

Strategic Sales Rep

Strategic Sales Rep is a deep dive into the art and science of sales strategy. Based on real-life B2B sales data, the learner has to optimize sales resource allocation to a broad universe of clients and prospects. Although set in the pharmaceutical sector, the challenge and learning outcomes make it ideal for any B2B sales training program.

  • Sales Territory Management
  • Opportunity Deciling
  • Sales budgeting
  • T&E Optimization

The Strategy Game

Our classic, flagship business simulation, The Strategy Game, distinguishes itself by being highly customizable and adaptable to a number of different training contexts. With its broad management focus, it touches on almost all aspects of business administration and can support a number of different learning goals, from strategic management to organizational behavior, team-building workshops to introduction to business management tasters, for learners at any level.

  • Adaptable to any learning context
  • Flexible timetabling & delivery
  • Single or Multi-Player Teams
  • Scripted in-game events

Strategic Sales Manager

A stablemate of Strategic Sales Rep, Strategic Sales Manager switches up the challenge. Instead of managing sales resource allocation to a client list in a single territory, the game puts the learner in the shoes of a regional Sales Manager, who needs to optimally allocate their sales force across multiple products and territories. Again, while set in the pharmaceutical sector, the challenge and learning outcomes make it ideal for any B2B sales training program. 

  • Sales Resource Allocation
  • Regional Sales Management
  • Talent Management
  • New Product Launch


Used by Wharton and IMD amongst others, SABRE is the world’s premier marketing strategy game. Based on highly sophisticated consumer dynamics modelling, teams compete for market share by intelligently working to satisfy evolving consumer demand for products. Perfect for any Marketing Strategy capstone.

  • Product Portfolio Management
  • New Product Launches
  • BCG Matrix
  • Experience Curves


GEO is a totally different take on business simulations. Instead of putting the learner in a predetermined role within a company, in GEO, the learner can do almost ANYTHING.  From job-hunting to setting up a company, emigrating to M&A, arbitraging macro-economic policies to managing conglomerates, the learner has to maximise their total economic return over the course of the game. Ideal for the serious student of international entrepreneurship, economics and corporate strategy, GEO is a highly rewarding game for the dedicated learner looking for a broader challenge. 

  • Total Economics Game
  • First-Person Perspective
  • Multi-role
  • Adaptable

SABRE Sustainable

SABRE Sustainable is an adaptation of SABRE, providing participants with the challenge of assessing and navigating market opportunities relating to sustainable products and consumer segments. Participants will learn about strategic planning, market analysis, segmentation, portfolio management, product positioning, conjoint analysis and margin management.

  • Sustainable products
  • Green product launches
  • Green economy marketing

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