Bring your course content to life with Simulation-Based Learning

In order for your students to become tomorrow’s business leaders, they need to put management theory into practice.  Whatever your teaching context, we help you give your students the experiential learning they need. Our business simulations get your students engaged with your specific curriculum and help you transform learning outcomes. 

Improve Learning Outcomes & Engagement

Stay Ahead of the EduTech Curve

Enhance Overall Teaching Experience

Custom Simulations for any Learning Context

We curate a selection of business simulation games that can be adapted to any business management curriculum and can be used to teach online, in-class or via a blended approach. Whether you are teaching high schoolers, executive MBAs or any level between, we have the right solution for you.

Some of the disciplines our simulations have been used to teach include:

  • Principles of Management

  • Strategic Management

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Marketing Management

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • International Business

  • Entrepreneurship

  • …And many more!

Quickly and easily adapt and implement rigorous, learner-focused business simulation games into your class or program.

  • 1 Solutions tailored to your exact needs

    Whether online or in-class, from license only, to co-instruction through to fully HFX instructor-led courses, we have the solution for all of your simulation needs.

  • 2 Supporting digital curricula & courseware

    Our simulations come with complete digital courseware - from instructional videos, through to case studies and supporting materials - to support your curriculum.

  • 3 Instructor Training & Certification

    We offer multiple levels of instructor training & certification depending on your experience, needs and context.

  • 4 Courseware Customization support

    Where needed, we can work with you to customize our courseware to your specific context.

  • 5 LMS Integration support

    For institutional clients, we can integrate our solutions into your LMS if required.

Get Started Today.

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