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Simulation-Based Management Training, Made Easy

Business leaders need practice.

So does your training program.

Business leaders can’t be made without practice. To develop real ability, students of business, whether in school or on the job, can accelerate their development with “learning by doing” through simulation-based training.

We offer a uniquely customizable business simulation platform, that can be adapted to any course content or training context, so that your learners can build real-world skills that have real-world impact.


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Anything but business (simulations) as usual

We understand how important it is to adapt a business simulation game to ensure it supports your targeted learning outcomes. Instead of offering a portfolio of ‘plug and play’ games like most simulation software companies, our customizable platform helps you bring any training context to life with features like:

  • Sophisticated business simulation gameplay
  • Integrated Instructional design and delivery support
  • An intuitive, cloud-based, mobile-friendly UX/UI design
  • Adaptability to any content, curriculum, or training context

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“I love the interface – the simple layout is fantastic. It is not intimidating and is easy to figure out. Administratively, it is very easy to operate.”

-Kimberly, business professor | The King’s College, New York

“Without a doubt – and I have worked here for 5 years – this is the best training I have ever done. Those teams that really threw themselves into the game and took it seriously, had a really enriching experience.”

Monica | Essilor Brazil


“This training exposes you to the consequences of your decisions, and the more thorough your planning, analytics and teamwork, the more likely you’ll do well in the game. Ultimately, it teaches you the importance of information and its intelligent application to the success of the organization.”

Peter | ICS