Serious Games, Serious Results.
Bring your teaching material to life with simulation-based learning

Our portfolio of best-in-class simulation games is designed to help academic and corporate learners develop the hands-on skills they need.

Business Leaders Need Practice...
So does your corporate training program.

In order for your employees to become tomorrow's business leaders, they need practice. Give them the experiential learning they need with simulation-based training.

Real World Skills with Real World Impact
Simulation-Based Learning

Put your students in the drivers' seat with simulation-based learning, and help them prepare for the future with the power of practice.

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Bringing Business Theory to Life

Simulation-Based Training & Education Solutions


Corporate Trainers | HR Directors | L&D Consultancies


Business Professors | Program Directors | Administrators


Students | Professionals 

Real World Insights

"The Strategy Game helped me realize just how many factors go into running a successful business."


"I love the interface; It's clean, the decisions are easy to understand, and it's something that is scalable."

Transformative Training

"Without a doubt - and I have worked here for 5 years - this is the best training I've ever done."

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About HFX

Simulation-Based Learning

When it comes to making better businesses and better business leaders, we believe in one simple concept: the power of practice. We offer simulation-based learning solutions that can be adapted to your unique learning goals and empower learners with real world skills that have a real world impact.

With over 40 years’ experience designing and implementing training solutions, we know what works – in the classroom and the boardroom. We curate, design, and deliver customized simulation-based training for schools, universities, and businesses around the world.

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Simulation-based Training

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